The Simcoe County Paramedic Association is an organization of professionals whose mission is to provide leadership for paramedics; promote the science of paramedicine; and advocate the highest ethical, educational, and clinical standards of paramedicine. We achieve our objectives through public awareness and education. We also assist in fund raising for community-based charities. PLEASE NOTE, WE ARE NOT THE SERVICE PROVIDER/OPERATOR, PLEASE CONTACT THE COUNTY OF SIMCOE PARAMEDIC SERVICES FOR ALL INQUIRERS RELATED TO OPERATIONS ETC (Employment, student placements, Public Access Defibrillator Program etc).

Paramedic Food & Toy Drive

Each year in the months of November and December County of Simcoe Paramedics collect food & toys for under-privileged families.

Please see the County of Simcoe Paramedic Services Food and Toy Drive for a list of events and charities supported.

The official kick off date is Nov. 18th with our first events starting on the 19th and will run through to Dec. 19th.

Paramedic For A Day Contest

On Tuesday, April 26, 2011, the Simcoe County Paramedic Association along with Simcoe County Paramedic Services will award one lucky student from an Elementary School in Simcoe County the title of PARAMEDIC for a day!

The student with the winning essay will be picked up at school in an ambulance and spend the day with the men and women at Simcoe County Paramedic Services.

Click on the attachment link below to download the application form.

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